The Reep House Story

Posted: August 22, 2017

Helping our community to live sustainably is the purpose of the Reep House for Sustainable Living. The house is full of technology, from a water heater that captures thermal energy from the air, to an intelligent thermostat that predicts when the home will have occupants, to a rain gallery below the driveway that prevents stormwater from entering the municipal water system bringing pollutants. The house is also very beautiful, with lofty ceilings, sunlight streaming in, blooming gardens, and over a century old. It is certified as LEED Platinum, the highest certification for environmental responsibility that a building can receive.

Reep House is a demonstration space located in downtown Kitchener showing a variety of environmentally friendly modifications to homes that reduce pollutants, save energy, and lower costs. Visitors can see how functional these upgrades are in the context of a real house and talk to staff knowledgeable on government rebate programs and other ways to manage the costs and see the benefits of increasing efficiency.

At the house, a variety of services are offered. Two education series, the Sustainable Living Series and Reep House Series allow people to come learn about environmental topics and tour the home. One can also connect with other Reep Green Solutions programs, such as information on how to reduce energy consumption, waste production, and water runoff of your home. The public can also drop into the house during business hours and chat to friendly people about sustainability.

The environment is a key focus of Reep House. The planet is being taxed by human activity at an unsustainable rate. Major action at individual and systemic levels is needed to prevent the reduce the damage that is being done. Homeowners working to improve their home’s efficiency and develop practices that reduce waste are essential to the fight against climate change. As more people adopt green technologies manufacturing costs will decrease, allowing these solutions to be available to a wider variety of people.

Reep House plays an important role in promoting sustainable living in Waterloo Region. As they work to support this important cause they rely on donations to continue making progress on their goal.

On GivingTuesday, November 28 2017, consider supporting Reep House as they work towards the great cause of building sustainable lives in Waterloo Region!



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