Personalized e-Greeting Card



Would you like to make a donation on GivingTuesday on behalf of a friend or family member?  Let them know about it by text, email or social media with a personalized seasonal greeting card!

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Download the card here
  2. Visit
    • NOTE: Using PicMonkey is very similar to Microsoft Word
  3. In top menu bar, select Open —> My computer
  4. Upload the Greetingcard graphic.jpg from your computer
  5. To add an addressee in the top right, double-click the type tool (Tt) in the toolbar at left-hand side of the page.
  6. Select your font. (Chunk Five was used in our example).
  7. Click the Add Text box (at page top, next to the toolbar). A text box will appear on the graphic. Enter your text and position it on the graphic.
  8. Use the floating tool box to change your alignment, font colour and size. We used C42328 FOR RED and 4E622C FOR GREEN.
  9. In the “To” and “From” spaces at the bottom, create additional text boxes for the charity’s name and the sender’s name.
  10. Save completed graphic using Save tool in top menu bar.
  11. Send to your friends and relatives by e-mail or text or post on social media (be sure to use the #StayGenerous hashtag)!

You can also use PicMonkey on your mobile device.  You can download the app for Android or Apple at:

The functionality is similar to the desktop version but your controls will be at the bottom of your screen rather than the left side.  You will not be able to enter specific colour codes on the app but you can still pick from a variety of colours for your text.


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