Hopespring Cancer Support Centre Donor and Volunteer: Loraine Berge

Posted: November 23, 2017

Loraine is a quilter. She learned from her grandmother as a child with baby blankets and continued throughout her life. When she retired a few years ago, she began making quilts to support agencies and causes that have touched her heart. Her quilts provide comfort and warmth to many, as over the past ten years she has donated over 2200 quilts. Each one takes many hours of labour and yards of fabric. This massive investment of time and materials has had a huge impact in our community and abroad. Her causes of choice have included local hospitals, Hopespring Cancer Support Centre, a church in Mexico, a Haitian orphanage, a Syrian camp, victims of the Fort McMurray wildfires, and many more. Loraine was recently recognized with a Canada 150 Award for exemplifying what it means to be Canadian through her service to the community.

HopeSpring is an agency close to Loraine’s heart. It is a Waterloo-based service that supports people who are experiencing cancer. The care that is provided there supports people physically, mentally, and spiritually. Loraine knows that HopeSpring is vital to the community as it supports people in critical states of health. She has a message for anyone looking to invest their resources or energy: “Put your hands in your pockets to donate money or your time then we can all join hands and fight this debilitating disease that affects most of our families”.

Her commitment to supporting our world including the mission of HopeSpring is inspiring. If everyone put in a tiny fraction of the work Loraine does in caring for our local and global community the world would be a far better place. Please consider her message and story this GivingTuesday as we look to build our community resources and relationships. Support Hopespring with your time, energy and money on GivingTuesday!

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