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Wilmot’s Youth Action Council is open to all youth within the community, and is committed to finding out their needs and interests. Through the actions of the group, youth will be provided with the opportunity to become involved in activities and events throughout the community.

Program Story

Wilmot’s Youth Action Council 

Wilmot’s Youth Action Council (Y.A.C.) is a group of local youth volunteers (ages 14 through 19) who have come together to provide an opportunity to become involved in the community and create a voice for the youth. Through the involvement with Y.A.C., youth will learn and develop leadership, communication and organizational skills, as well as provide relative input into the programs and opportunities available to youth. The Y.A.C. also aims at creating partnerships and working relationships with members of our community to create and strengthen community capacity.

I think that we’re creating opportunities and connections for people, we’re giving them more confidence to do these kinds of activities, to talk to township people…representatives, people that they wouldn’t normally get access to; and its giving a lot of opportunities that we get to do new things and learn new life skills for ourselves.” – Lia Humphrey, Y.A.C. member, 2013-2015

It’s a fun place to be. Every Wednesday night I have something to look forward to, and when I leave I always have a smile on my face. And in September the strangers that walked through that door, who are coming to Youth Action Council, I would now consider some of my closest friends.” – Jackie Bender, Y.A.C. member, 2015-present

You feel trusted, like you can be yourself. You feel like you’re a leader. You don’t disrespect anybody for then way they are or for who they are, because anybody can be anybody.” – Desiree Bartolf, Y.A.C. member, 2015-2016

Y.A.C. was a safe place where I was able to make friends and make hilarious memories that will never leave me, and for that I am extremely grateful.” – Becky Reaker, Y.A.C. member, 2015-2016

Y.A.C. has positively impacted my life because it has opened more opportunities that I never knew were possible. It has given me the chance to look at my community with a different perspective than before, I never would have realized. Y.A.C. has been such an amazing influence on me that I absolutely, with no doubt, will do Y.A.C. again in September!” – Jessica Pereira, Y.A.C. member, 2015-present

The Youth Action Council is a place of growth for its members and the community they serve. It inspires leadership and community involvement and delivers an invaluable service to the youth of Wilmot. Through the Youth Action Council I was able to hone my leadership skills, be involved in municipal government meetings, and learn how to write grant proposals. I believe the Youth Action Council creates value in our community and I am so happy to have been a part of it.” – Garner Matthews, Y.A.C. member, 2013-2015

Donation Impact

A $100 donation can operate a three hour event for children and youth.

Giving Opportunity

Support from philanthropists can help Wilmot’s Youth Action Council through gaining a better knowledge of targeting our audience through social media, and the most effective ways to ensure we are getting the most out of our online posts.