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Waterloo Region Rainbow Coalition (WRRC) is a volunteer-based community organization that is committed to building a unified voice for gender and sexual diversity for people of all ages in Waterloo Region. We promote sustainable opportunities for advocacy, awareness, education and community-building that are respectful of the diverse interests within the Rainbow community. We work together with local allies to foster a strong and inclusive community.

Program Story

Rainbow Community Council (RCC)

The RCC's mission is to create a sustainable network of organizations, allies and community members, aligned with the mission, vision and values of the council and committed to initiatives that improve support for members of Waterloo Region's Rainbow community. The council fosters open communication, project collaboration, information sharing, education, awareness, identification of gaps in existing services and setting community priorities. To date, the RCC has broad representation from the government, the non-profit and grassroots community in Waterloo Region, and is actively engaged in a variety of community initiatives including:
  • Conducting Waterloo Region's first comprehensive needs assessment focused on the Rainbow Community (
  • Developing comprehensive support networks for newcomers to Waterloo Region that identify as members of the Rainbow Community
  • Leading regional and municipal endorsement of the Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council's Breaking the Silence on Hidden Violence report ( and implementation of initiatives to prevent violence against members of the Rainbow Community in Waterloo Region

Donation Impact

Simply put, as a grassroots initiative, every little bit helps! A $150 donation can cover the costs of web hosting or a post office box for a year. Helping to fund incorporation of the WRRC could have a significant impact on Waterloo Region's Rainbow community by helping philanthropists identify priority projects for the Rainbow community and helping ensure these projects are funded.

Giving Opportunity

The data from the needs assessment and collaborative network provided by the RCC will help the WRRC to establish community priorities with respect to project and initiatives to support the Rainbow community in Waterloo Region. The WRRC is completely volunteer funded and is currently planning on pursuing incorporation to manage a community foundation to help ensure funding is available to implement priority projects. As such, there are a variety of giving opportunities currently available (both through funding or in-kind services) to cover the costs of:
  • Incorporation
  • Hosting and maintaining websites for the WRRC and RCC
  • Funding follow-up studies based on the results of the needs assessment
  • Rental of space for community meetings and focus groups
  • Post office box