Jackie Gerlofsma
Acting Chair 
Charitable # 108192139 RR0001

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Our mission is to provide immediate assistance through a safety network and to offer supportive community educational programs.

Program Story

Block Parent Sign Program 

The Block Parent Sign Program provides a sense of community and safety in neighbourhoods where signs are displayed in homes. By providing a safe haven where people of all ages may seek assistance if they are lost, frightened, or feeling unsafe, Block Parents creates a sense of security for children who play outside or at the park, walk to school, or to the store. There is security in knowing that help is available along the way.

Allowing people to feel safe to be outside and leave their homes adds to their ability for increased health and wellness, and our educational programs provide awareness on personal safety. The Block Parent Sign Program empowers children, teens, and seniors to feel safe when outside.

Donation Impact 

The Block Parent Program is run by dedicated, passionate and supportive volunteers who believe in encouraging people to be outside by providing a sense of safety, community, and connectedness. Through the donation of time, talent and funds, Block Parents are able to work towards meeting our Strategic Priorities, including:

Building Awareness

  • Participating in local and regional events such as parades, police open houses, neighbourhood association events, and school fairs
  • Maintain a relevant and up to date website and social media presence
  • Print media advertising
  • Information sheets, brochures, children’s handouts, etc.

Building Access

  • Maintain our business administration and accounts
  • Maintain our membership and presence with the Volunteer Action Centre
  • Continue to maintain our internet and social media accounts, and provide relevant information to interested parties
  • Volunteer support and development

Building Partners

  • Maintaining relationships with various other volunteer and non-profit groups across the region
  • Working with Waterloo Regional Police Services, Active and Safe Routes to School, and City and Regional Councils
  • Continued engagement and presence across the region to remain relevant and build new partnerships with like-minded organizations

Giving Opportunity

The Waterloo Regional Block Parent Program’s board recently developed an updated strategic plan that is focused on Building Awareness, Building Partners, and Building Access. Through the support of our donors we are able to participate in local events (i.e. Waterloo Regional Police open house, neighbourhood association events, community events, and parades) to build awareness and access to the Block Parent Program. Funding allows us to purchase information brochures and promotional items such as child ID tags, colouring books and pamphlets that include tips on being aware of surroundings and developing street smarts. Funding also allows Block Parents to maintain a website, social media accounts, and advertise in regional news media.

Finally, funding provides the Board of Directors to cover administrative costs, business expenses and volunteer appreciation initiatives. As a strictly volunteer board, our directors donate their time to ensure a successful program, and having access to funding allows the board to thank those volunteers for their efforts.