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Our goal is to be a transformational force in the development of Waterloo and its citizens. Our purpose is to fulfill the multiple literacy needs of our community.

Our values are:

  • learning and growth
  • free exchange of ideas
  • being engaged and responsive to needs
  • right of everyone to access of information
  • belief in our customers

Program Story

Tech Connect 

In the immoral words of Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

The same could go for technology. The advances come so quickly and if you don’t pay attention, you may miss out on something that is perfect for you. Technology, though, can be overwhelming and intimidating, even those applications and services which are supposed to be “easy” for everybody.

Buying a new device is exciting. However, once that purchase is made, how does the new user learn the ins and outs of the device? They don’t want to take a 6-week course. They just want basic knowledge, relayed to them in layman’s terms. To fill this need in our community, the Waterloo Public Library offers Tech Connect at all locations.

Dave wasn’t an entirely new computer user, but he was new to downloading free e-books, reading magazines online, and accessing international newspapers through PressReader. He was excited to embrace technology but seemed to stumble when trying to access these items on his own. He phoned the library and they advised he book a session with a Tech Connect Tech Tutor.

“I was having trouble reading magazines online and downloading e-books, so I phoned the library for help and they connected me with Christine, a Tech Tutor,” said Dave, who had his laptop and mobile close by. “I came in for my appointment and we sat down together, side-by-side, and she walked me through the process. There was no rush. I asked lots of questions, and by the end of the session I could do everything by myself.”

One of the library’s goals is to help fulfill the various literacy needs of the community, and this includes helping customers become more technologically literate. By offering free, one-on-one tech training with our Tech Tutors, we’ve helped our customers learn how to use eReaders and download free e-books, use social media, plan their family budget with Excel, manage extensive digital photo collections, open a Skype account, create PowerPoint presentations for businesses, start a blog, and more.

“This is a terrific service, especially for a big reader like me. The Tech Tutors have helped me in the library, over the phone and even by email when I was having a problem downloading books when I was in Florida,” he said with a confident smile. “The library’s Tech Tutors are always there to help, which I appreciate, especially when my 8-year old grandson isn’t!”

Donation Impact

  • A $25 donation means the creation of a new interactive program for up to 40 children
  • A $50 donation provides materials for a program
  • A $100 donation provides a LEGO WeDo robotics kit for inventors aged 7-10

Giving Opportunity

Financial gifts allow us to continue to offer important services like Tech Connect and to also expand on our current offerings. We are committed to fulfilling the multiple literacy needs of our community, which includes providing a wide variety of free programs and services for all ages at all Waterloo Public Library locations.