Dianne Boston-Nyp
Community Engagement Director
Telephone # 519-742-8610
Charitable # 129645032 RR0001

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To build and develop community capacity for volunteerism by:

  • Engaging everyone (ie. organizations and individuals) to see that they can make a difference, and show them how
  • Encouraging and supporting the development of volunteer opportunities that lead to engagement
  • Sharing information and resources
  • Reflecting back the difference that people make in the community
  • Building partnerships that strengthen community engagement

Program Impact

Canada’s 150 for 150 Campaign

Participating in the Canada’s 150 for 150 Campaign as a community member is an opportunity to feel more connected to your community through volunteerism. It is a chance to celebrate the efforts of individuals and groups who make a difference as part of a national recognition campaign! Participating in the Canada’s 150 for 150 Campaign as a volunteer manager will encourage more people to volunteer with charitable organizations. This is a nation-wide effort, and participation by charitable organizations will mean additional publicity and awareness for the programs and services.

Donation Impact

  • $50 will support the production of one of our weekly updates shared with over 3,000 different individuals, including youth, the general public, businesses, and volunteer managers
  • $100 allows one of our staff to provide presentations to classes, assemblies, and workplaces
  • $500 will assist us in upgrading our computer equipment which is essential to our core services, which are primarily digital resources
  • $1,000 will enhance our outreach tactics, through purchasing specific software which allows us to create and update online learning modules, tutorial videos, and social media pieces

Giving Opportunity

The Volunteer Action Centre has a highly active, searchable volunteer position database. In 2015, it was accessed by over 46,000 unique visitors who are local citizens interested in volunteering. Without this resource, many of our stakeholders would not be able to access volunteer opportunities that are right for them in our community, especially groups such as students (both high schools and post-secondary) and newcomers. Additionally, we provide educational support for our members so that they are better able to recruit, retain, and recognize their volunteers. We are also a charity, and rely on contributions from our ongoing funders and individual donors. Your contribution, no matter how small, will help community members connect with meaningful impact opportunities in one of our many local charities who rely on our services to recruit volunteers.