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Since 1986, The Pregnancy Centre has been the most supportive resource for women in our community facing an unexpected pregnancy. With professional, respectful and compassionate staff and volunteers, The Pregnancy Centre provides support for women’s practical, physical, emotional and spiritual needs at each stage of their unplanned pregnancy (i.e., in-crisis, parenting, post-abortion or post-adoption stages).

Program Story

Mom to Mom 

Mom to Mom is a weekly connection group for moms-to-be and moms of children up to 18 months of age who are seeking to enhance their parenting skills and make healthy connections in our community. Each mom is paired with a trained Mentor Mom, and together they attend our sessions covering topics such as healthy relationships, time management, parenting, meal planning, cooking, finances and communication.

Margaret is a Mentor Mom at Where the Heart Is. She has mentored 4 moms in 2 years and knows that every mom is unique. She believes the best way to support new moms is to listen first and offer help second. “Each mom has her own story,” says Margaret. “The most important thing you can do is listen to her story and offer a compassionate ear.”

Through this method of mentorship Margaret has seen moms turn their lives around. From feeling trapped in their circumstances and overwhelmed by difficult decisions to finding hope and making plans for their future. It’s not just a program – it’s moms helping moms.

Donation Impact

Because of the generosity of our donors, we are able to offer this program free of charge to our participants:

  • A $100 donation provides the opportunity for one mom to complete the 10 week Mom to Mom program
  • A $75 donation provides bus tickets for the moms to attend the program
  • A $50 donation will provide a healthy snack for the group
  • A 3 hour weekly volunteer commitment to care for the participant’s children allows moms to participate fully in the program

Giving Opportunity

This  mentorship program is vital in our community. Being a young mom can be so isolating and lonely at times. The Mom to Mom program provides opportunities for young moms to develop healthy connections and a sense of belonging, as well as the opportunity to develop some life skills and tools to create stronger and healthier families. Your donation helps us to continue to provide qualified staff to create, deliver and maintain the Mom to Mom program. Thank you.