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The May Court Club of Kitchener-Waterloo assists individuals in the community with financial, educational and emotional support with a primary focus on the needs of women and children.

Program Story

Emergency Food Box Program 

"All that was in their cupboards at home was instant coffee." That is what a local school principal discovered when a young boy in his school fainted due to hunger in 1984. The next day his wife told this sad story to her bridge club. One of the members, Fran, was the President of the May Court Club at that time. Fran was certain that the May Court Club could help since its focus is to help needy children. She asked the members for a solution. They held a marathon bridge tournament and each player donated $25 which would go to the purchase of food for the school. Fran vividly recalls going to purchase non-perishable items at a local food terminal. In her tiny Ford Pony, she was parked beside huge transport trucks. The amount of food filled up her small trunk. It was assembled into two boxes and delivered to two elementary schools in the region. That was the beginning of the May Court Club's Emergency Food Box program. Now, almost 30 years later the program has grown considerably. In 2012, 606 boxes were purchased, assembled and delivered to 125 elementary and secondary schools in KW. The amount of non-perishable food items would fill two full-size vans. Staff are delighted when a volunteer drops off a box at the school. Gayle Kritzer, a retired teacher who volunteers for the Emergency Food Box program, recalls a statement made by a school secretary on a recent drop-off: "Lately, the need for food has been so great that I have been going home to make sandwiches for hungry kids." Unfortunately, children are still going to school with 'hungry tummies.' Research has clearly shown that hungry children struggle to learn, and that their education can be seriously affected without nutrients. The caring volunteers of the May Court Club coupled with their many fundraisers are truly making a different to the lives of hungry children in Waterloo Region.

Donation Impact

  • A $40 "Feed a Hungry Tummy" donation purchases one food box which will provide a much needed nutritional supplement for 20 hungry students.
  • Volunteers collect, sort and deliver boxes, as needed. This commitment would require about 25 hours throughout the school year.
  • Volunteers will feel a sense of value and satisfaction knowing they have made a positive difference in children's lives.

Giving Opportunity

Donations to the Emergency Food Box program are always needed. We accept funds from individuals, groups and businesses. The May Court Club welcomes new volunteers who can be involved in food box purchasing, assembly and delivery. Other volunteer opportunities include helping with fundraising events which provide the monies for additional initiatives.