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In Ontario, people living with HIV are 11 times more likely to be food-insecure, compared to the general population. Our clients may go a day without eating, skip a meal, or use supports like school breakfast programs, community food banks, and soup kitchens to get by. These hard choices are some of the strategies used by more than two thirds of the people accessing Ontario AIDS service organizations like ACCKWA.  Some clients use all the food supports listed above, but the challenges of staying healthy with HIV leave them in need of specialized nutrition, vitamins and other supplements.  To support this need, the majority of fundraised dollars at ACCKWA are used towards food security programs.  This year, Giving Tuesday coincides with World AIDs Day. Help us reach our goal of $15,000.00 in support  of over  200 individuals impacted by HIV in Waterloo Region, because HIV happens here.