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Lions International – To create and foster a spirit of understanding among all people for humanitarian needs by providing voluntary services through community involvement and international cooperation.

St. Jacobs Lions Club – We envision a society in which difference and diversity are appreciated and welcomed, and are seen as a strength and an opportunity rather than being stigmatized, perceived as a weakness, or serving as impediments; inclusiveness and integration does not require a loss of identity; development of social skills, cultural, recreational and educational opportunity are equal for all; individuals recognize their role in, and have the opportunity to contribute to, the quality of life for all; and service-minded people serve their community without personal reward.

Program Story

St. Jacobs Valley View Heights Community Park 

The St. Jacobs Community Association, a sub-committee of the St. Jacobs Lions Club, is working to provide a safe and accessible park space in the village of St. Jacobs. This project will be an extension to the existing park land on Water Street, bordering the area of new construction. The expanded park will include a multi-use sports pad and picnic shelter with storage rooms. The addition of these amenities will provide a rapidly expanding community with a safe place for sports, play and family enjoyment. This project will begin at the onset of construction of the upcoming housing phase. At this time, construction is expected to begin in 2017.

St. Jacobs currently houses one park space with amenities for the community. This space is located in the center of the village and is a significant walking distance from the area of new construction. This has led to an abundance of children playing sports in the streets. As the community grows and traffic increases this is becoming an unsafe option.

In 2017, there will be more than 120 new homes constructed in the village. This will double the size of the current new subdivision and add an estimated 250 children. The area of new construction has a designated green space for community enjoyment that currently houses a small playground. With the new subdivision, that green space will double, allowing room for the installation of additional amenities. Not only will this provide a safe place for families to enjoy the outdoors, it will also create a common meeting place for community members and increase the sense of belonging in our changing village.

Donation Impact

This project will run on fundraisers as well as donations of funds and services. Contributing to this community improvement will allow for a large number of children to enjoy recreational sports and a place for socialization.

Giving Opportunity

Support can be provided to this project in a number of ways. The project will require multiple trades, materials, and specialty services. Once final approvals have been reached at the township level, the St. Jacobs Lions Club will be seeking donations of specialty services and funds for this project. The project cost is estimated to be approximately $375,000.