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We recognize the ability, not the disability.

Program Story

Sports for Special Athletes

We are a Waterloo based not-for-profit organization that provides sport venues to individuals with disabilities. We subsidize all costs because our athletes are living on limited income.

We offer affordable sporting activities to allow differently-abled people on limited incomes to be active and part of the community. Our program gives the athletes a sense of independence and comradery. Our subsidies are often up to 75% of the cost, making it extremely affordable. Those living in a situation where there is no money available to pay even the subsidized cost will still be welcome in our programs. We do not turn away those who want to play.

This program also teaches our athletes how to fundraise, work with money, interact with people and have more conversations, timing, scheduling, using public transportation, and much more. We are not only a sporting organization, but also a social one. The activities and events allow the athletes to interact with people in a way they wouldn’t at home on their couch.

What we allow them to do gives them a lot more confidence in themselves, creating an attitude where they want to go out and try new things. Some have even gone from not wanting to participate, to eventually funding and keeping jobs in the community!

Donation Impact

We are a completely volunteer and donation based organization and we have no paid positions. Our administrative costs are kept low so we can concentrate on providing safe activities. Thanks to the donations of time, money and equipment, we have grown from 25 athletes to over 200 in 16 years.

We started off with 3 sports and now we have 17. Donations and volunteered time and products allow us to give the athletes an environment where they not only learn to play sports, but they learn to be a part of the community.

Our partnerships with organizations in the region have allowed us to open new avenues for participation. For example: City of Kitchener Soccer for the Disabled, Kitchener Kicks Martial Arts, Family and Children Services, and Kitchener Sports Association.

Donations from philanthropists and private donors have also allowed us to hold special events for our athletes and their families such as: annual Christmas party, BBQs, dances, and tournaments.

Giving Opportunity

Donations from the community are what help fund out programs. Donations of money, equipment, and participation and dedication from volunteers help keep us growing every year. We have depended on the support from corporations, agencies and individuals such as Cowan Insurance, Sears Canada, Ron Schlegal, Manulife, Kitchener Sports Association, Tepperman’s Furniture, and many private donors.