Lyndsey Butcher
Executive Director 
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To promote choice through accurate sexual health education and confidential pregnancy options support.

Program Impact

Newcomer Women's Health Program - Amira's* Story 

Five years ago, Amira* fled from Somalia to Canada with her husband and four young children. With the exception of home remedies and instructions passed down from her Aunties, she received no sexual or reproductive health education growing up. She recalled being terrified of her wedding night and not knowing how to speak to her own children about their development. Amira, along with a group of Somalian women, participated in SHORE Centre's Newcomer Women's Health program to learn about sexual health in their own language. Participants shared stories and learned strategies for speaking to their own children about healthy sexuality. Amira was determined to empower her daughters so they would not face the same fears she did. She asked a lot of questions and left with several resources to start the conversation of sexual health and well being with her family. As hundreds of refugee families settle in our community, the need for language-specific sexual health programming for newcomer women has never been higher. Thanks to your support, women like Amira have access to the sexual health information they need to make healthy choices for themselves and their families.

Donation Impact

  • A gift of $500 will provide bus tickets so that newcomer women can access the program
  • A gift of $1,500 will provide childcare so that newcomer mothers can participate in the program
  • A gift of $2,500 will provide interpretation so that newcomer women can learn in their own language
  • A gift of $7,500 will cover the entire costs of the Newcomer Women's Health Program for 20 women

Giving Opportunity

Your financial gift will ensure that newcomer women receive accurate sexual and reproductive health information in their own language. Your gift will provide bus tickets, childcare and interpretation to make it easier for newcomer women to participate.