Wanda Kampijan
Family Support Program Supervisor 
Telephone # (519) 571-1626 ext. 25
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Our Place Family Resource and Early Years Centre engages all children, their families and their support networks in learning opportunities to promote development of children, healthy families and a strong community.

Program Story

Stork Secrets 

Melynda's story begins before her son Benjamin was born. She was feeling anxious about becoming a mom. However, she thought once her new baby was born these feelings would subside. She was wrong. Melynda was referred by a Public Health Nurse to a program called Stork Secrets. The moms she met in this program, held at Our Place Family Resource and Early Years Centre, were feeling the same way she was. She was not alone and felt her feelings being validated was a step towards recovery. Melynda never felt judged or guilty when talking about what was going on. She really felt supported throughout the journey. When Melynda started to feel like her old self again, she had a strong need to let other moms know what she went through, that it can happen to anyone, and that there is help out there. Melynda continues to be part of the Stork Secrets program as a peer mentor, and as a beacon of hope for other moms journeying through the perinatal and post-partum adjustment period. New moms need to hear that if they are not enjoying being with their baby, or if they are not getting pleasure from things that made them happy before their baby came along, that it is normal. If you know a new mom who is feeling this way, please encourage them to reach out to someone and share. It doesn't make anyone a "bad parent" - it makes them human.

Donation Impact

  • *A donation of $100 can provide nutritious food for moms attending the Stork Secrets program. Providing a healthy breakfast reduces stress and increases the value of their self-care. The program supports the mom's needs as being equally as important as their baby's needs, and that taking care of themselves is an act of love for themselves and their family.
  • *Two hours per week of volunteer time can reduce barriers that may prevent moms from attending. Giving moms the opportunity to truly share their experience without fear of impacting the already fragile relationship with their baby is a benefit to recovery.

Giving Opportunity

  • *A $100 donation for food
  • *2 hours of volunteering per week