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Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics is an independent, resident-based research institute devoted to foundational issues in theoretical physics at the highest level of international excellence. We strive to create a lively and dynamic research atmosphere where many approaches to fundamental questions, both orthodox and unorthodox, are pursued simultaneously and where a balance between formal and phenomenologically-oriented research is established. We are determined to collaborate constructively with the surrounding academic community, in particular by creating outstanding educational and research opportunities for graduate students. We are equally determined to create a world-class outreach program which conveys the wonder and mystery of the universe and the importance of future scientific breakthroughs, to the general public in Canada and beyond.

Program Story

Emmy Noether Initiatives РPromoting Women in Science 

Curiosity doesn’t have a gender. Perimeter Institute aims to effect real change in the under-representation of women in theoretical physics through a series of special initiatives named after pioneering German mathematician Emmy Noether.

The Emmy Noether Initiatives are backed by a group of funders and champions of women in science called the Emmy Noether Circle. Their leadership in the community helps ensure that Perimeter remains a community of extraordinary minds with the freedom to tackle the deepest questions in science. These initiatives help create fertile ground for all future leaders of science, with a few highlighted below:

  • Inspiring Future Women in Science Events: featuring leading women physicists, engineers, mathematicians, media personalities, and more, these annual events for high school students are an important first step in supporting and encouraging women in the sciences.
  • International Summer School for Young Physicists: this annual two-week program brings together 40 Canadian and international high school students for an exciting and challenging look at life and work in a world-leading physics institute. Perimeter ensures that half of the attendees each year are young women.
  • Emmy Neother Visiting Fellowships: timed to support young women at a critical stage in their career, six annual fellowships enable visiting scientists to spend up to a year in Perimeter’s thriving, multidisciplinary community. Fellows collaborate, network, and pursue their work in a unique, ambitious, and family-friendly environment.

Donation Impact

Donations of any size will assist us in funding the following:

  • Perimeter Scholars International scholar (masters program, $35,000/year)
  • Focus on the recruitment of women (2016/2017 cohort has 8 out of 30 represented by women)
  • Continue to expand our outreach to young women in the classrooms with our world-class outreach programs (in the schools, with our teacher network, online, and events such as “Girls Day” at Perimeter)

Giving Opportunity

The Emmy Noether Initiatives span the three pillars of focus at Perimeter: Research, Training, and Outreach. Perimeter aims to effect real change in the under-representation of women in theoretical physics and the sciences through this programming and outreach. In supporting women of all ages in science, as demonstrated by Perimeter’s current efforts to engage women in all three areas of focus at Perimeter, it encourages collaboration, a safe environment, and increased opportunities where women and men can push the limits of human understanding.