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oneROOF Youth Services is committed to providing safety, support, and overall wellness for youth who are homeless or at risk, aged 12-25, in Waterloo Region.

Program Impact

Providing a Roof (PAR)

OneROOF Youth Services Providing a Roof (PAR) program provides shelter for 17 youth who are homeless, offering safety, security and warmth. While residing in PAR, youth complete short-term and long-term goals that better equip oneROOF staff with the proper trajectory of support for each youth, recognizing that the needs of each youth are vastly different. By properly identifying the needs of the youth within PAR, we hope to assist the youth and break the cycle of homelessness.

Youth who are homeless are left to fend for themselves, and as a result, adapt to a lifestyle of survival and living day-by-day. They become disengaged as every day challenges weigh heavy and start to become perceivably hard to overcome. This leads to increased risk of victimization, conflict with the law, and choices made out of survival instinct rather than for the betterment of theiri future. oneROOF Youth Services’ PAR program offers healthy alternatives, as well as 24/7 onsite support to aid youth through these tough periods. Basic needs are not allowing youth to move forward from survival mode to being able to set goals and make healthy choices. Support plans are created to allow staff – whether it is Outreach, Housing Support Workers, or Youth Support Workers – to continue to engage with these youth regarding their support plan. PAR gives the youth a chance to breath and feel safe, allowing them to think positively and proactively about their future. During the winter, in extremely cold weather, PAR opens its doors to 17 youth in order to ensure that during the coldest months fewer youth are on the streets.

Donation Impact

  • A donation of $74.10 houses a youth for one night
  • A donation of $518.70 houses a youth for one week
  • A donation of $2,223 houses a youth for one month

Giving Opportunity

Support is needed on an on-going basis for this program. By providing a donation, you are helping to house a youth for one night, a week, or even a month. These donations allow the youth and oneROOF Youth Services to work with staff in an effort to properly create and execute a support plan for their future. Donations are vital to sustaining and enhancing our PAR programs. Donations can also be in the form of gift cards from retailers such as Walmart, where oneROOF staff can purchase much needed supplies, ranging from bedding to hygiene products. oneROOF Youth Services welcomes donations such as clothing, hygiene products, housewares, etc., all of which can be dropped off at our 242 Queen Street South location. oneROOF Youth Services always welcomes volunteers. We are continuously looking for Volunteer Youth Support Workers, Volunteer Cooks, and Volunteer Donation Room Organizers.