Mary D'Alton
Executive Director
Telephone # 519-624-5744
Charitable # 880648142 RR0001

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Nutrition for Learning's mission is to enhance the ability of students to learn by ensuring that they attend school well-nourished.

Program Impact

Student Nutrition Programs

Each day, one in ten children arrive at school without breakfast or lunch to sustain them an entire school day. Nutrition for Learning provides 3 nutritious food group options at the school with our student nutrition programs which are available to children aged 5 through 18 years, throughout Waterloo Region, to over 19,500 children and youth each day. We believe that every child has the right to attend school well nourished. Children arriving at school hungry are at a clear disadvantage, unable to concentrate or excel physically, academically, cognitively, or emotionally. The following is just one of hundreds of stories shared and experienced by volunteers: "It is early in the morning and my mom has gone to work. There's nothing to do and I am lonely. Grabbing my winter coat and boots, I run to the school to wait for the doors to open. The volunteers are talking and busy but they all say hi to me. The smells are good that come from the kitchen. I am really happy the student nutrition program is here at my school. I'm not hungry anymore and I have lots of friends."

Donation Impact

  • A $100 donation feeds a student the nutrition they need at school for 3 months
  • Volunteering 3 hours of time with one of our Student Nutrition Programs can feed up to 50 students breakfast, or an entire school the option of a nutritious morning meal option in their classrooms

Giving Opportunity

Volunteers Needed: We look for enthusiastic and caring individuals whose first priority is the well-being of the children who attended the student nutrition programs. There are a variety of volunteer positions available, with opportunities to develop skills in safe food handling and first aid, as well as nutrition, team work, and working with children. Donations: Your investment will ensure that students in Waterloo Region attend school well-nourished. Please consider a monthly donation and know that you have made a difference in the life of a child in our community.