Siba Al Khadour
Executive Director 
Telephone # (519) 572-7284

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We are committed to assisting displaced people who were forced to flee their homeland due to a humanitarian crisis. We stand for the protection and respect of human dignity and the promotion of the sacred values of love and co-existence. Our mission is to provide refugees with all forms of aid necessary to restore their self-confidence and enable them to become self-sufficient again.

Program Story

Najda Now Canada

Our foundation is dedicated to the support of refugees worldwide. Najda Now Canada was founded in response to the growing humanitarian crisis that resulted from the Syrian civil war. Our focus was initially directed towards accomplishing various relief missions. Later on, we started sponsoring Syrian refugees into settling in Canada. Therefore, our foundation’s missions can fall under the following categories:

Humanitarian Missions 

  • Shipping donated clothes, shoes, pillows, duvets and toys to Syrian refugees in Lebanon.
  • Providing financial assistance to our mental support team in Turkey, thus enabling them to help many displaced Syrian children with resuming their studies.
  • Exposing artworks produced by the displaced children we assisted.
  • Baptizing our cultural dancing group “Debke” and participating in many events so as to introduce Syrian culture and bring people together.
  • Giving cooking lessons to our Canadian community.

Sponsorship Missions 

In addition to supporting refugees overseas, we helped many displaced families find refuge in Canada, regardless of religious, ethnic or sexual orientation. Our sponsorship activities started in June 2014.

  • We help many Canadian organizations and groups identify refugee cases and sponsor them into coming to Canada.
  • We took charge in the sponsorship process for many Syrian families that finally found safe homes in Canada. In this regard, Najda Now Canada acted as either a constituent group or as a community sponsor.
  • We helped many of the sponsored refugees find homes, jobs, and enroll in schools and universities. We also offered assistance in interpretation and held many events to help the newcomers make friends and network.
  • We are in the process of sponsoring two LGBT individuals to come to Canada.
  • We held many presentations and workshops to introduce the Syrian culture to Canadians and instruct the newcomers about the Canadian lifestyle.

These activities would not have taken place if it was not for the support we received, not only from the community, but also from many of our partners, such as:

  • Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR)
  • The Canadian Unitarian Church in Mississauga and in Montreal
  • Mennonite Central Committee (MCC)
  • Rainbow Refugee Committee
  • Multicultural Theatre Space (MT Space)

Donation Impact

Making financial and in-kind donations will allow Najda Now the opportunity to support more refugees in Lebanon and Turkey and give many of them a chance to find a safe refuge in Canada.

Giving Opportunity

We look forward to being assisted with supporting refugees overseas while helping newcomers smoothly settle in Canada. Financial and in-kind donations will greatly benefit our vulnerable clients. We also wish to receive the support of enthusiastic volunteers who are ready to help us with our events.