Dan Driedger
Executive Director 
Telephone # 226-476-2535
Charitable # 863047015 RR0001

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MennoHomes mission is to provide affordable housing to those in need. Our housing projects will be economically and environmentally viable and sustainable, and will include support services for our tenants.

Program Impact

Affordable Housing 

Gordon is one Elmira resident whose life could see a dramatic change for the better when MennoHomes' 25-unit apartment building in Elmira is finally completed. At 60, Gordon is surprised how hard it is to get around. "I've always been able to do hard manual work," he says. "In tile yards, poultry farms, dairy farms, or feed mills." But years of hard work have taken a toll. "This past summer I just wasn't able to stay steady onto my feet anymore." Gordon can walk with the help of two canes, but it is a struggle for him to manage the 24 steps to his second floor apartment in downtown Elmira. The stairs are hard on a regular day, but become an even larger obstacle on laundry day. Gordon has to 'step' his laundry basket down the stairs from his apartment, while juggling his canes and trying to stay standing. Within minutes he is fatigued, but after the drive to a nearby laundromat, the entire process is repeated when he returns home. With help from his son Jason, Gordon has been looking for an apartment with enough room to use a walker. They've found very few options, and so far everything is well beyond Gordon's limited budget. "One of the things I'm looking forward to is being able to have a walker and be able to get around that way, rather than with canes," Gordan days. MennoHomes' planned apartment building will have featured such as wide doorways and an elevator in order to respond to the needs of Gordon and others like him in Elmira that face the same daily struggle.

Donation Impact

  • $30 will buy a light fixture for a bedroom
  • $100 provides and installs 20 bricks for the building exterior
  • $500 buys and installs a durable kitchen sink and faucet for one apartment
  • $1,000 will purchase and install windows for a one-bedroom apartment
  • $2,900 will provide a full set of quality appliances for one apartment
  • $10,000 will outfit appliances and cabinets for a kitchen and bathroom
  • $30,000 purchases tile flooring and carpet for one floor of the entire building
  • $130,000 will cover the cost to install an elevator

Giving Opportunity

All donations will go directly towards new construction costs.  MennoHomes' housing is developed using a sustainable business model. Capital funds are raised at the beginning of new projects so that once completed, the affordable rents that tenants pay are sufficient to carry any ongoing costs. This includes mortgage payments, maintenance expenses, and a reserve fund for future capital repairs. Quality affordable housing is life-changing for everyone who has access to it. There will be an immediate impact on the household budgets of all tenants. With rents starting at 60% of the average market rent, money will be available for other necessities of life that are often set aside. For those with mobility challenges, this project will transform their everyday lives as they will no longer be isolated or at risk of injury in their own homes. A donation that supports this project will transform the lives of everyone who lives in one of the 25 apartments they will call their home.