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KW Book-Mo-Bike celebrates books, bikes, and art in the community. It can be borrowed by individuals and organizations in Kitchener and Waterloo to lend or give away books; promote active transportation; or provide arts workshops and performances. Its use is not intended for profit or gain.

Program Story

KW Book-Mo-Bike

KW Book-Mo-Bike integrates books, cycling, and arts and culture into the places where people live.

A neighbourhood visit creates a buzz of excitement and an instant gathering spot for conversation. As people interact with each other, they begin to talk about the books being offered, what they’ve read in the past, and books they’d recommend to others. KW Book-Mo-Bike volunteers have an opportunity to share their enthusiasm for cycling and literacy, read out loud to audiences, and act as literary matchmakers. Everyone can participate, regardless of income, literacy level or cultural identification; they are welcome to share or take a book, get to know their neighbours, and simply have fun!

The KW Book-Mo-Bike is also a unique venue for exhibits, performances, and workshops by local authors, poets, storytellers, actors, artists, and singer-songwriters. Both emerging and established art innovators can take advantage of this free community resource.

Donation Impact

KW Book-Mo-Bike is a grassroots project that is fun and accessible for all populations. It can be borrowed by individuals and organizations, which increases the diversity of activities offered to the community. People are encouraged to share books, talk about reading, and get to know one another better – right where they live.

The bike also brings arts and culture right into neighbourhoods, and is a unique venue for local writers, artists and performers. Thanks to the project’s donors and volunteers, everything about the project (bike loan, book exchange, workshops, exhibits, performances) is free.

The KW Book-Mo-Bike celebrates lifelong learning, an outcome that is critical to a community’s success. When there are more books circulating in the community, everyone benefits, including low income families and new Canadians. Studies show that having ready access to books at home influences early literacy and school success. However, literacy isn’t limited to children; when neighbours share in the pleasure of reading together they influence literacy levels at every age and stage of life.

The KW Book-Mo-Bike also represents an opportunity for people to see eco-friendly transportation in action. It opens the doors to conversations about cycling safety, sharing the road, local trails, and biking in bad weather.

Giving Opportunity

Make a donation toward the Book-Mo-Bike’s annual operations. Although this project is organized and run by volunteers, there are ongoing costs like insurance and safety equipment, workshop materials and performer fees. On our wish list: bike decals and volunteer t-shirts.

Participate in the sharing economy. Library discards, overstock from bookstores and publishing proofs all make suitable book donations. We also welcome individual donations of gently used books, including books in other languages.

Become a project champion. Over time, we hope to have a small fleet of library bikes available for community use.

Our current financial and in-kind partners include: Kindred Credit Union, City of Kitchener Cycling & Trails Advisory Committee, Ziggy’s Cycle & Sports, Black Arrow Cycles and Menno S. Martin Contractor Ltd.

If you’re interested in borrowing the Book-Mo-Bike or volunteering on the project, please send us an email.