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The Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Centre exists for the purpose of fostering the diversity which exists in the community and of facilitating the full participation of all residents in the life of the community.

Program Story

Community Outreach Program 

Life wasn’t always great for Tammy* and her family. She knows hard times all too well but today things are looking up. Her family is reunited and her children feel safe. Tammy is on her journey to a bright future thanks to the Community Outreach Program and the Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Centre (KWMC).

Tammy is a single mother of two young children. When working, Tammy’s children are often at the sitter and sometimes with family members. One day, while at work, she was informed her children had been apprehended due to ‘unfit’ conditions. She needed to satisfy certain requirements before getting her kids back. With her low-income, Tammy wasn’t prepared for additional expenses of needing to visit her children at a foster home out of town. Committed to her children’s well-being and getting her children back, she established an amicable relationship with the foster parents; she spoke with her children every day. She wanted to see them every day as well but couldn’t because she didn’t have reliable transportation. With nowhere to go, she came to the KWMC and was directed to the Community Outreach Program. She worked with the Family Outreach Worker to see what supports were available for her family. She discovered the Community Outreach Program could help. She received several supports; the most valuable to her was access to a limited number of bus tickets. This would provide her the means to see her children and for her children to see her, later supporting her case as a fit/suitable mother.

Between KWMC and referrals to partner agencies, Tammy found appropriate housing, basic need supports including grocery vouchers, and obtained her Grade 12 certificate. The program also enrolled her children into extra curricular activities. Now, Tammy’s children are home with her when not in school or participating in activities, just like other kids at school and their friends. Tammy studies with her children as she is registered in a private college, ranking top of her class. Her goal is to go to university to achieve her Bachelor of Social Work. Today, Tammy stands taller and more proud as do her children and credits the Community Outreach Program. Tammy couldn’t imagine what she would do without the support of the Community Outreach Program.

Donation Impact

Your donation in any amount will go towards providing “basic needs” such as food, clothing, and shelter to a family in need.

  • $25 per month helps a family with a baby acquire items such as diapers, wipes and formula
  • $100 can help a family acquire either a stroller/crib/car seat for their newborn
  • $50 can provide a child with a couple new outfits for the beginning of the school year
  • Any amount can help a family get some food and survive another day

Giving Opportunity

Investing in our children invests in a brighter, stronger future for all. Your donation will provide basic needs such as gift cards to grocery stores, diapers, baby formula, school supplies, program fees, bus tickets, over-the-counter medication, and hygiene products to low-income families with children under the age of 18 currently being turned away as it is impossible to stretch our limited funding any further.

We cannot stress enough how important these basic needs are. Without them, no family can excel, plan for a better tomorrow, or concentrate on any other factor in their lives. So please remember, your donation in any amount could change lives within our community. We need your support.