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We provide a place for amateur musicians in our community to participate Con Gusto!with enthusiasm! – orchestral music-making in an atmosphere that’s fun.

Program Story

Youth Concerto Awards Concert

Imagine you’re a 10 or 12 year old piano student – you’ve worked hard to be an outstanding musician, you’ve competed in the Kiwanis Festival since you were young, and have won your classes many times. This year, you completed in the prestigious “Concerto Piano Class” for your grade level, and won! And, after this, you also discover that a local orchestra has chosen you as a winner in its new “Youth Concerto Award” – you are being offered the opportunity to perform your concerto with a full orchestra!

How excited for 5 local, young pianists! Meet Elina Ho, Michael Wang, Rachel Kim, Tracey Strauss, and Emily Wan, all ages 10 to 13. They are preparing for their premiers with the KW Community Orchestra’s inaugural “Youth Concerto Awards” concert. Hear them talk about how they reacted to the award, hear them play, and discover more about these 5 exceptional young Waterloo Region musicians, their lives and their music, and about the KW Community Orchestra.

The Youth Concerto Award concert will showcase the amazing talent of these young local pianists. This once in a lifetime opportunity is being offered to support local music students in the KW area, to continue the KWCO’s mandate of bringing great music to the community, at an affordable price.

Donation Impact

  • A donation of $100 would cover the Concert Master’s honorarium for a month
  • A donation of $140 would rent our rehearsal space for a month
  • A donation of $300 could purchase one package of orchestra music for one orchestra work
  • A donation of $300 would cover the cost to print the programs for one concert
  • A donation of $600 to $800 would rent a performance hall for one concert

Giving Opportunity

Donations will support the KW Community Orchestra in providing a symphony experience to young local talented musicians, to provide a unique educational opportunity for them to learn how to work with a symphony orchestra, and to further the advanced musical training of our young talented friends.

The KW Community Orchestra relies on community financial support to continue to provide a low cost symphony experience to members of the community, support our local arts community, help preserve traditional music in Waterloo Region, and provide opportunities for local amateur musicians to learn and perform together. At the same, we strive to increase our audience base, and draw in new players.