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We are an independent community organization committed to empowering those whose lives are impacted by cancer to improve their emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Program Impact

One on One short term psychosocial counselling 

It had been two weeks since Susan had received her diagnosis. She’d received her treatment plan and a stack of information on what was available now to her. There was now a pile of pamphlets, leaflets and stark white pieces of paper that filled her table.

One of those was the HopeSpring Programs and Activities Guide. It offered many kinds of programming but the one that filled her with a little hope was the one on one short term counselling. Getting to speak to someone who understood the cancer experience, who could help her piece together what was happening to her…that appealed to her.

It was a safe space. They listened to her. She could talk about her diagnosis and her fears. There wasn’t an agenda she had to meet. The counsellor met her at her emotional place and helped her address what was most urgent to her, one step at a time.

Cancer Care Ontario stresses in its report, Psychosocial Health Care for Cancer Patients and Their Families: Health care organizations should develop inter-professional collaborative care models for the delivery of comprehensive cancer care that ensures access to the full range of psychological, physical, social, emotional, spiritual, nutritional, informational, and practical services needed by cancer patients and their families to support illness self-management. Cancer programs and community-based not-for-profit cancer support organizations should assume responsibility for educating patients about the impact that health-risk behaviours can have on the disease and its treatment, and provide information about community resources that can help patients with changing these behaviours. 

This report also stresses that management is one of the four pillars of wellness to help one’s body be healthy or heal. At HopeSpring, we offer stress management options suited to individual needs and preferences. Managing stress plays a key role to improve quality of life. Our stress management programs are open to all members. Many choose to bring along a family member or caregiver as well.

One of the most popular stress management tools is one on one short term counselling through our Cancer Care Coach and Child Life Specialists. Members are given the opportunity in a safe, private space, to be able to speak candidly about their experiences. With an understanding of the cancer experience and extensive training on how to meet the member where their point of need is greatest, the one on one sessions mean members have personalized psychosocial support and can be directed to specific programs and services as deemed necessary. These sessions are member directed, managing their needs in the moment.

HopeSpring operates throughout Waterloo-Wellington Region. Most programs are at our Kitchener location. We also provide services in five satellite locations. We support women, men, children and youth. We support those with a personal diagnosis as well as caregivers and family of those with cancer. Our majority goal is to provide psychosocial support to those facing cancer and their families and caregivers. Cancer Care Ontario states that this kind of psychosocial support is an integral part of the patient experience. We recognize that we live in a world of limited resources. HopeSpring works with other healthcare partners in the region. We partner with Grand River Regional Cancer Centre in Kitchener, Cambridge Memorial Hospital, Hospice Waterloo Region, Hospice Wellington, and Lisaard House, and are a vital link in the chain of care for those facing cancer. The hospitals provide the medical expertise and treatment of the disease itself. HopeSpring manages the emotional and mental health portions through exercise, and other wellness programs. For those who approach end of life, we provide a gentle handoff to the hospices.

On average, 1,600 cancer patients and their caregivers annually take part in programs and one on one short term counselling sessions, learning strategies to effectively manage stress and improve overall health. Members are given tools to address the stress of a cancer experience and improve their overall quality of life.

Donation Impact

$100 buys an hour of one on one short term counselling with our Cancer Care Coach or Certified Child Life Specialist. Most members require 3-5 sessions when initially dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

Giving Opportunity

We need your investment today to deliver a better future for our community. Your gift will materially and measurably improve the lives of cancer patients and their families across the region.

You understand the value of one on one short term counselling and how it relates to quality of life when coping with cancer. By investing in HopeSpring, you will be joining a unique group of individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to the wellness of the community. Gifts from supporters like you are a cornerstone of our organization.

We invite you to make a gift to support one on one short term counselling at HopeSpring. These funds would be put to work immediately to support those in our community facing cancer by providing them with continued free access to effective one on one short term counselling.