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We enrich lives through choral music experiences.

Program Story

Grand Philharmonic Open Rehearsal Community Sing-In 

The Grand Philharmonic Choir provides choral music to Waterloo Region and surrounding area. We enrich the lives of community residents through choral music experiences. In one of our programs, we invite the public to sing with us. Twice a year, on a Saturday morning, we invite members of the public to join us in an open, public, free rehearsal of a major work that the choir is preparing for a performance. About 180 to 200 people attend. We give each guest a music score and they sit next to choir members. No music experience is required. Everyone sings together, learns from conductor Mark Vuorinen about the significance of the music, and enjoys refreshments together.

This program brings the sense of fellowship and community that’s enjoyed by choir members to any member of the public who chooses to take part. Researchers at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, discovered that choir singers’ heartbeats synchronize when they sing together, bringing about a calming, heart-beneficial effect (National Post, July 10, 2013). Singing together also connects us to the cultural heritage of Waterloo Region. With its German and Mennonite roots, this area was once home to the famous “Saengerfesten,” or singing festivals, that attracted thousands of visitors. With our Sing-In, the Grand Philharmonic Choir is proud to share our love of choral singing and continue a more modern version of the Saengerfest.

Giving Opportunity

We welcome:

Donations to help with the cost of the open rehearsal program. We hold two rehearsals per year, one in spring and one in fall. Donations may be made online through Canada Helps. You may also donate in person, via telephone or mail your donation to the choir.

Guests are welcome to join us for this open rehearsal. Join us for 3 hours of singing great masterpieces such as Handel’s Messiah, Bach’s B-Mass and other works.

Volunteers are also needed to help set up ahead of time and/or clean up afterwards. Please contact us at if you would like to help out.

Donation Impact

  • $3,000 sponsors 2 sing-ins
  • $300 pays for the venue
  • $500 pays for the advertising
  • $300 pays for score rental
  • $150 pays for an accompanist