Breanna Crossman
Marketing Manager
Telephone # 519-744-4921 ext. 406
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The Downtown Kitchener BIA exists to be a collective vice that fosters collaboration within our business area and acts as a catalyst for prosperous growth in our community.

Program Impact


OWN IT is a creative journal by downtownees, about downtownees. These are the stories of the change-makers and trend-setters who don't just live out their passion in downtown Kitchener - they OWN IT. OWN IT is the second edition of a 64-page printed creative journal that profiles change-makers who are redefining downtown Kitchener by using their passion and innovation. OWN IT stories focus on why people are doing whatever they are doing here - what drives them, what inspires them, and how downtown Kitchener is important to their journey - and showcases unique assets and ideas that make the heart of our city awesome.

Donation Impact

Your contribution of story sharing will allow us to continue to find engaging content, and raise the bar set by the first two issues of OWN IT.

Giving Opportunity

The publication uses inbound marketing as its core philosophy. Instead of defaulting to direct advertising as a strategy to highlight downtown Kitchener's shops, restaurants and services, those businesses are featured as the backdrop for many of the stories produced. OWN IT is also a community building exercise. It was produced, written and photographed by downtownees, about downtownees, with the City of Kitchener's downtown team and the Downtown Kitchener BIA collaborating to rally local advocates, bloggers, stylists, writers and photographers. If you have an awesome story about the people who make downtown awesome, we would love to hear about it.