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We make and distribute sustainable feminine hygiene kits to girls in third world and developing countries.  We do this because not having feminine hygiene supplies often means DAYS without school, DAYS without income, DAYS without leaving the house.  Girls may have resort to leaves, rags, corn husks, newspaper etc. but may still miss up to 2 months of school per year.  Sustainable feminine hygiene supplies Means the girls don’t have to wonder and worry about next month; they are self sufficient.  Days for girls kits last 3 years – at a cost of only $10.  Each kit contains 2 pad holders, 8 pads/inserts, 2 pair of briefs, washcloth & soap and 2 large ziploc bags packaged in a fabric drawstring bag.  Our kits are a simple solution that gives …. DAYS Back to girls, DAYS that change their lives.