Executive Director: Chris Cowie 

519 744 6549 ext. 103

Charitable #  106962707

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Vision:  We envision connected, peaceful communities where all conflict is resolved in a restorative way.

Mission:  To inspire safe, healthy and peaceful communities, one resolution at a time.


Who we are: Community Justice Initiative Waterloo Region (CJI) is a non-profit organization known world-wide for starting the first modern Restorative Justice program.  Restorative Justice is a way of addressing conflict and crime that engages the person who caused the harm, people who were affected by the harm, and the community. During our 40+ year history, we have continuously responded to community needs by creatively and innovatively applying restorative justice principles to new problems.  We believe the only limit to the power of restorative justice is the capacity of the human heart to change and grow. We provide conflict resolution services, support for people impacted by sexual trauma, assistance for families involved with child protection, and reintegration support for women, men and youth returning to the community from prison or custody.

Our restorative justice programs are offered in Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph and the rest of Waterloo Region and Wellington County.  Through research, speaking opportunities and written resources our influence is global.

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Giving Opportunity

While many programs at CJI receive funding from other sources, not all programs receive full funding to cover all program costs.  Donations from community members and partners are essential and appreciated.

To show your support for the restorative justice work at CJI you can make a financial donation three ways:

  1. Online through our Canada Helps portal on our website here:
  2. In person at our office at 3-49 Queen St., Kitchener
  3. Call 519-744-6549 ext. 202

You can also show your support by becoming a volunteer: