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To promote and assist with the sustainability of community gardens throughout Waterloo Region. We envision a strong, supportive infrastructure enabling residents to have access to land in order to plant and harvest their own healthy, fresh food food, for all individuals.

Program Story

Gardens for Healthy Schools 

The Community Garden’s Council vision is to create a movement to introduce community gardens in local schools. These will in turn be used as tools for learning and health across Waterloo Region. The Council has commissioned a School Garden Scan in a report format to highlight key research on school gardens, identify existing school gardens, and develop best practices and recommendations for interested faculty in Waterloo Region. By following the link below you will learn and appreciate the impact that gardens for children and youth will have within our community.

This report is completed and outlines the benefits, development, impact, and recommendations for resources. With your support, we can fund these gardens in interested schools who are armed with knowledge and respect for fostering a healthy school environment and positive youth culture.

Please explore our commissioned report, titled Gardens for Healthy Schools: A Scan of School Gardens in Waterloo Region.

Donation Impact

  • A $30-$100 donation can purchase a necessary tool for a local community garden (this could include a shovel, edger, trowels, or watering cans)
  • A $100-$200 donation can purchase an essential wheelbarrow for a community garden
  • A $200-$500 donation can ensure a garden receives any material needed – this includes compost, soil mixes, or mulch – including delivery
  • A $500-$1,000 donation can provide a tool shed or storage shed to a community garden
  • A generous $2,500 donation can start a new community harden in a local school as per our Gardens for Healthy Schools project (includes tools, materials, seedlings, and a tool shed)

Giving Opportunity

Every dollar of your support yields 6 times the impact. We can take a seedling, plant it, and grow food to share between neighbours. We can sow the seeds from the plant to grow next season – this continues 6-fold to provide fresh, healthy food to all demographic groups, all income levels, and all levels of ability. Our aim is to introduce gardens into schools to provide these benefits to children and youth. You can support a garden in your community, and a local school. Your much appreciated donation will provide children with a means to be outdoors, exploring nature and learning essential life skills. These children and youth can have the opportunity to learn about agriculture, botany, and biodiversity. Donations from yourself will be designated for starting a new garden, or adding to an existing garden at a participating local school.