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Centre for Community Based Research (CCBC) is committed to social change and the development of communities and human services that are responsive and supportive, especially for people with limited access to power and opportunity.

Program Story

Helmut Braun Scholarship Award 

Who Believes in Me? Imagine a young woman with a dream and a vision of completing post-secondary education. She also has a strong passion to make a difference in the world. Yet every single day she struggles with how to make ends meet - should she take on another part-time job? Should she not buy a needed textbook? Or should she miss taking a course next term because she cannot afford the cost? Underlying those questions and undermining her spirit is the wondering: will she have the funds, energy and motivation to sustain her effort? Who believes in her? CCBR Believes  We at the Centre for Community Based Research believe in people with dreams and passions. We act on this conviction by offering financial assistance through a scholarship award to post-secondary students in financial need, whose primary residence is in Waterloo Region. In keeping with CCBR's mandate, the award supports individuals who are learning about social justice and who have a strong vision for how their education will promote equal access to power and opportunity for everyone in our community. The scholarship helps them to be able to afford the education they need in order to achieve their dreams and passions. Please visit the CCBR website here for more information on the Helmut Braun Memorial Award.

Donation Impact

The Centre for Community Based Research and Waterloo Region Self-Help established the Helmut Braun Memorial Award in 2001 in memort of Helmut Braun. For over 15 years, this fund has assisted with the cost of post-secondary education for students pursuing social studies. Helmut Braun was a local social activist, community researcher, and an advocate for the rights of people with mental health and other life struggles. Helmut worked part-time at the Centre for Community Based Research, contributing to a study on mental health and peer support in Waterloo Region. Awards of $1,000 are given each September to two or three students in need of financial assistance. In 2016, the awards were funded by the Laurier Students' Public Interest Research Group.

Giving Opportunity

If you would like to donate to future Helmut Braun Memorial Scholarships, please contact us!