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Carizon is a multi-service community organization committed to improving the future of individuals and families through supportive, therapeutic and preventative programs.

Program Impact

Refugees & Newcomers

Carizon supports newcomers to Canada with outreach programs, group counselling for refugees, and educational workshops to build community capacity. Our group programs and workshops help to decrease isolation and anxiety, and provide an opportunity for participants to manage their lives in a new country, deal with trauma, manage social health challenges, access community resources, and explore issues around parenting in the context of two cultures. Carizon's counselling and community service work means that newcomers and refugees:
  • Receive group counselling responsive to emerging needs,
  • Have support in navigating the mental health system,
  • Get connected through organized programming, decreasing isolation, stress and anxiety, and
  • Deal with trauma and access supportive resources.
In addition, our program supports educational workshops for community service providers, educators, and community members, provides compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma workshops for settlement workers and community service providers, and raises community awareness about the needs of newcomers.

Donation Impact

More than 19,000 children and adults receive direct service from Carizon's therapeutic, supportive, and preventative programs. Carizon provides a full range of services that work together to create a community of wellness. This means that:
  • People get the help they need when faced with difficult and challenging circumstances,
  • Preventative programs are in place to build strong families and resilient individuals,
  • Children and youth are provided with opportunities to reach their full potential, and
  • Families live and work in a supportive and healthy community of wellness.

Giving Opportunity

With our donors' continued belief and help, Carizon can sustain its work of ensuring that all persons have the help they need to meet life's challenges and opportunities. This investment means our families, friends and neighbours have access to excellent and compassionate care, and are provided with healing, hope, and support as they tackle life's toughest challenges. Donations can be made through our website.