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We are dedicated to eradicating isolation and combating alienation and despair among youth by supporting educational and developmental opportunities.

Program Story

Youth Cultural Event 

My name is Luka Atak. I was born in a Southern Sudanese city called Mading Aweil. I lost most of my family during the war. Thankfully, my sister protected me and we escaped to Khartoum, the capital city. She also managed to get me out of the country before one of the many armies tried to enlist me. In the winter of 2005, I was excited to start a new life in Canada, where I could attend school, find a job, buy a house and make new friends at school and in the workplace. I always feel grateful for being able to live in such a nice country and community. I wanted to do something to give back. On October 18, 2014, I initiated a meeting with the aim to set up the Aweil Youth Association in Canada. I wanted to help Aweil youth and children learn and appreciate their cultural background, customs and traditions. The Canadian Aweil Youth Association is dedicated to supporting Aweil youth in Kitchener-Waterloo by providing them with education and developmental opportunities. We strive to create an environment of friendship, unity and belonging where Aweil youth can gain strength and power collectively, and as individuals, through creative learning and networking with other youth groups using sports and culture. Our primary marketing goal is to raise awareness of our cause and tell the community what our organization is about. We work with youth in Canada to encourage cultural exchange, education, and integration through various activities. The values of friendship, love and belonging are embedded in everything we do. Our main target audience is local youth who want to join the Waterloo Region chapter of the Aweil Youth Association. We want to gain community support to put our goals into action.

Donation Impact

Your donation will help us instill a sense of belonging and identity in local youth. It will create an environment of friendship, unity and belonging where youth can gain strength, self-esteem, confidence and leadership skills through creative learning, and networking with other members. A $100 donation can cover the cost of advertising for events in different mediums (website, print materials). It can also help with documentation fees (lawyer fees), and cover the cost of rent for our location, or appetizers in group meetings. A $400 donation can cover the rent of our office space for a month. Volunteering 10 hours of time for the Canadian Aweil Youth Association helps with running the youth cultural event from training to preparation to cleanup at the end.

Giving Opportunity

The Youth Cultural program will implement through two cultural events yearly. Every summer and Christmas, we will conduct cultural events where we talk about the history and culture of Sudan for the young people who were born and brought up in Canada. The event will also include cultural Sudanese music and dance performances. Many of these performers are local youth who have been given an opportunity to perform their arts (music, dance), network with fellow members, and advance their careers. We invite community members to take part in these events in effort to build a stronger communal relationship and add to the multicultural identity of Waterloo Region. We are looking for financial help with regards to covering the costs of these cultural events. During these events, food is provided to the attendees. We also require financial help with covering the cost of audio equipment (speakers, microphones) for our performers. Finally, we pay a small stipend to the youth performers to encourage them to pursue their artistic talents and build their confidence.