Cameron Dearlove
Executive Director
Telephone # 519-603-0998


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Our Mission: Through meaningful relationships, we support you to build on your unique abilities, to create the life you want in the community.

Our Vision: Waterloo Region is a community where everyone belongs – where we value meaningful relationships, honour choices and dreams, and celebrate the uniqueness of each person.

Program Impact

Independent Facilitation and Person-Directed Planning 

Our approach is Person-Directed. Instead of a menu of services, we get to know each individual and their family and community, understanding their unique gifts, strengths, dreams, and challenges. We then work with them to develop a plan for the life they want to live, and work with them to take action on that plan.

Common areas we are asked to help with include:

  • Making and retaining friendships
  • Getting involved with groups and recreation in the community
  • Finding meaningful volunteer or paid work
  • Planning for future housing needs
  • And whatever else comes up

By supporting people facing barriers to a full life in community, we are improving the health and well-being of individuals in our community by helping them realize possibilities, while also building a community of belonging for all.

We believe our tagline says it all: Embracing Possibilities, Enriching Community!

Donation Impact

Having friends, being involved in recreation or hobbies, volunteering and having a job, and having a home of our choosing is something so many of us take for granted. For many people we meet, due to barriers to a full life in the community, these are still dreams. Your donation supports people with disabilities, mental health challenges, or facing other barriers, to embrace new possibilities and enrich their community.

Giving Opportunity

The government funding we receive is very specific in who is eligible for our support. We have many people desperately wanting to embrace a full life in the community. We rely on donations and fundraising to bridge this gap to provide our services to those who don’t fit easily into an eligibility box.