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The HopeSpring Story

HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre  is the sole Cancer Support Centre in Waterloo Region. It was founded in 1995 by a local group led by a Manulife business executive with a rare cancer. The organization seeks to empower people living with cancer by providing psychosocial/emotional (mind, body, and spirit) care. They offer approximately 40 monthly programs on topics such as stress management, sleep, exercise for symptom management, and nutrition. In addition they also offer free wigs and post mastectomy camisoles [...]

Hopespring Cancer Support Centre Donor and Volunteer: Loraine Berge

Loraine is a quilter. She learned from her grandmother as a child with baby blankets and continued throughout her life. When she retired a few years ago, she began making quilts to support agencies and causes that have touched her heart. Her quilts provide comfort and warmth to many, as over the past ten years she has donated over 2200 quilts. Each one takes many hours of labour and yards of fabric. This massive investment of time and materials [...]