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KidSport KW addresses the significant financial barriers faced by low income families in our community and their desire to have their children participate in healthy, life-changing activities like sport and dance. Sport and physical activity contribute to a child's mental and physical growth. Children's participation helps them perform better in school, develop positive social skills and build stronger, healthier bodies. They build self-esteem and leadership skills, creating a solid foundation for their future endeavours. They develop friendships and support [...]

Bradley’s Story

Making a difference in the community begins with a thought, and that thought becomes something that can make a BIG impact. Such was the story of Bradley’s dedication to the community. From the very beginning, Bradley wanted to actively serve and devote his time and energy to others. Bradley was raised in Toronto, Ontario, and he eventually moved to Kitchener in the year 2008, where he worked as a firefighter for over a decade. However, Bradley wasn’t the only member in [...]